[Coral Garvey is a multidiciplinary creative living in London.]

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[Coral Garvey]

Coral is a multidisciplinary creative based between New York City and London. Her extensive experience includes Creative Direction for global brands like Depop, Adidas, Diesel, and Under Armour by Dwayne Johnson, where she consistently champions youth culture narratives, encouraging creativity and individuality. During her three-year tenure as Creative Director at Depop, she transformed the London-based fashion tech startup into a global Gen Z cultural phenomenon, inspiring young entrepreneurs and fostering creativity.

Currently serving as the Chief Creative Officer at Playground, a cutting-edge experiential platform, she leverages Web3 tools to unite diverse sub-cultural communities worldwide, harnessing tech for cultural growth. Her hands on approach keeps her up to date with every facet of the company; Design, UX UI, Marketing, Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, branding etc.

Notably, she directed a global campaign for Adidas Athletics, collaborating closely with the global headquarters and world-renowned athletes like Gareth Bale and James Harden to promote mental strength in the athletic world.

In her spare time, she's an avid motorcyclist, a leather designer for GARVEYSTUDIOS, and a featured photographer in editorial magazines such as "Bad to the Bone" “PAP Magazine” and "Infringe Magazine." Her love of traveling has brought her to live in multiple cities around the world, starting from New York City, San Fran, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and now London. Traveling and exepriencing new cultures has given her a wide world view and insights.

Her artistic pursuits extend to oversized oil paintings exploring dystopian themes and contemporary societal pressures.

The last point of interest, Coral holds multiple US patents in her name for her product design for "EOS, The Evolution of Smooth” orb lip balm, with which she designed it after the “death star" and her product designs for EOS’s lotions and shave gels.

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